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Ranuka “Rose” Wood

Phone: 321-800-6008

Ms. Ranuka Wood is known as The Fixer at Waugh PLLC, because she maintains contact with clients and keeps the trains running on time. Rose’s wide and extensive history helps her facilitate these objectives and perform essential paralegal work for the firm’s attorneys.

Originally from Guyana, Rose was transplanted to London at an early age. Her legal experience began at the age of 17, working as an office assistant in a solicitor’s office in London’s legal district, Chancery Lane.

Rose then worked in United Kingdom government, spending 15 years in the Policy and Training division of the Health and Safety Executive. During her time in government, Rose had the privilege of serving under the first woman UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, writing speeches and briefs for the Prime Minister.

Later, on a sabbatical to Florida, Rose loved the state so much she decided to stay. Initially, she managed and co-owned a specialty grocery store, but she had never lost her passion for the law and returned to the legal field. She spent four years working in the State Attorney’s Office, helping attorneys manage thousands of cases. Rose followed that up with stops at private law firms.

Finally, Rose joined Waugh PLLC in 2015. Since then, she has applied her years of experience, good humor, and wit to the broad practice areas our clients require. She dedicates herself to timely responses, constantly learning, total client satisfaction, and providing important support for the attorneys.