Tax Planning Attorney for Business & Corporate Tax Planning

The only certainties in life are death and taxes. In both cases, it is imperative to have a trusted tax planning attorney who can assist you with your tax filings and guide you through succession planning. By applying our highly specialized knowledge of tax laws to strategic business planning and deal structuring for our clients, we can help ensure each decision maximizes tax benefits.

At Waugh PLLC, we are well versed in corporate structuring and both state and federal tax laws. Whether you are starting a business, are an established business, or are seeking to transition your business to new owners or new entities, we will use our expertise and knowledge to strategically plan each step with you.

Business and Corporate Tax Planning Attorney Services

Many of our clients come to us for assistance with matters relating to business tax planning. Our tax planning attorney provides comprehensive services relating to business taxes, including (but not limited to):

  • Proactive tax planning as part of business formation and deal structuring
  • Help with preparation of federal, state and local business tax filings
  • Assistance with exempt organization tax filings
  • Assistance with compilation of information and preparation of sales tax returns
  • Representation before the various federal, state and local taxing agencies
  • Business succession planning to minimize tax liabilities

Our services are not limited to the preceding types of matters. Whatever assistance you require with Florida business tax services, a tax planning attorney at Waugh PLLC will provide top quality legal services and excellent client service.

Understanding Business Taxes and Costs

As experienced attorneys, we can provide you with tax planning strategies that will allow your business to continue to grow and to invest in your community. Strategic tax planning, such as controlling your tax liability and taking advantage of tax incentives and other methods of accounting, ensures business success.

The most important aspect of strategic tax planning is to understand the business tax deductions available. These include certain expenses, such as advertising and promotion costs, rent and utilities, contract labor, insurance, professional service fees, and other expenses incurred as part of running your business. As part of our full-service corporate tax planning practice, we can assist you in timing your expenditures for maximum tax advantage.

Why Should I Hire a Tax Planning Attorney?

A successful business transaction requires careful planning and a trusted counsel who has the skill and expertise to navigate the legal, financial and practical business considerations involved. Whether you are implementing a new business venture, guiding a business through the start-up phase, managing significant developments throughout the life of a business, or directing the sale or dissolution of a business or its assets, our business law attorneys can identify and plan for the associated tax consequences and help you and the other members of your team reach your goals.

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience guiding and representing business owners and organizations in tax law matters. As your trusted resource, we will use our specialized knowledge to ensure that your business is structured in such a way as to allow maximum growth. We help companies find ways to use their profits to continue to grow, which means investing in the future. This includes investing in your human capital and using your resources to attract and retain your employees.

Planning for Tax Law Changes

In today’s business climate, with increased regulations, changing tax laws, and an increase in litigation, we work with you to ensure that your business is set up to succeed. In our role as legal counsel, we pride ourselves on staying current on the law and understanding how changes in the law affect our business clients.

Waugh PLLC, PLLC: Business and Corporate Tax Planning Services in Florida

Our services cover a wide range of transactions and events that a business may encounter during all stages of a business life cycle, such as business structuring, purchase sale agreements, financing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, or exit strategies and succession planning. We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our business clients by working closely together to understand their business needs and objectives.

Our success is dependent on your success and we are committed to ensuring our mutual success. We invite you to contact us today, to assist you in meeting your business goals.

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