Florida State & Federal Litigation Attorneys

Our litigation attorney practice at Waugh PLLC includes representing individual and business clients in litigation in all Florida state and federal courts, as well as in selected federal courts outside Florida. We represent clients in cases that cover a broad range of substantive areas.

We handle litigation arising in the course of advising our clients, as well as for new clients seeking an experienced litigation attorney. We welcome inquiries from other attorneys about our federal and state litigation practice.

Our litigation attorney takes great pride in the fact that many of our Waugh PLLC clients come to us through referrals of previous or current clients and other attorneys. The confidence and trust of our clients and professional colleagues attest to the exceptional quality of our legal services, as well as to our emphasis on providing the highest attainable level of client service in every matter.

Litigation Attorney Experience and Skills

As a successful litigator for over a decade, litigation attorney Christian Waugh understands that achieving a favorable outcome in a court case depends on a lot more than just knowing the law. Litigation requires an aggressive approach. But it also requires the insight to know when discreet and subtle pugnacity will be more effective than an outright assault on the opposing party or attorney.

As a seasoned trial lawyer, Christian also knows that he must not leave anything on the field at any stage of the litigation. He is meticulous in pursuing evidence and conducting a thorough analysis of all relevant facts and information, as well as in preparing and presenting evidence in court.

Getting all the facts on the record is important for another reason. In a court action, winning is always the overarching goal. But a plaintiff is never assured of victory. Many things can — and do — go wrong in litigation. In some cases, an appeal may be necessary to cure errors at trial. Whether an appeal is successful depends entirely on the record created in the court below. For that reason, Christian concentrates on leaving no stone unturned at every stage of a case. He fights vigorously to win in the trial court, while laying solid groundwork in the record if an appeal becomes necessary. Whether in the pretrial stages, during negotiations, or at trial before a judge or jury, Christian’s goal is to get all the facts favorable to the client indelibly on the record. He draws on those facts to provide the judge or jury with a legal and logical basis for deciding the case in favor of his client — or to persuade the opponent to agree to favorable settlement terms, in appropriate situations.

All of these skills (and others as well) contribute to success in litigation. Throughout every case, Christian Waugh draws on his extensive litigation experience and utilizes his finely-tuned skills to full advantage as part of his unrelenting effort to win the case.

Litigation Attorney Representation at Waugh PLLC

At Waugh PLLC, our litigation practice covers virtually every area of civil law. Our Practice Areas page provides an overview of the primary substantive areas included in our firm’s practice. The following categories also illustrate the breadth and depth of our litigation practice.

Business, Corporate & Commercial Litigation

Much of our litigation involves business and corporate disputes. We handle cases involving many different types of issues, including:

  • Contract breach and enforcement
  • Lease disputes
  • Regulatory compliance matters
  • Construction issues
  • Business or corporate entity and ownership disputes
  • Bankruptcy adversary proceedings and contested matters on behalf of creditors
  • Employer matters relating to employment and labor

Regardless of the nature of a dispute arising in a business or corporation, our attorneys at Waugh PLLC can assist with resulting litigation. We represent businesses of all sizes, in diverse markets, including international companies and U.S. companies with international interests.

Real Estate Litigation

Our real estate practice includes the full range of litigation affecting property rights and interests. Additional details are available on our Real Estate page.

Probate Litigation

Our probate litigation practice includes all types of matters within the jurisdiction of Florida probate courts, including:

  • Guardianships
  • Conservatorships
  • Trust disputes
  • Will contests
  • Power of Attorney disputes
  • Probate fraud
  • Estate litigation of all types

Personal Injury Lawsuits

While our practice does not include general personal injury, we do handle select personal injury cases involving high-profile matters, egregious conduct, and cases in which an injured person faces unfair or malicious treatment by the wrongdoer.

First Amendment Claims

Attorney Christian Waugh has a special interest in matters affecting an individual’s rights under the First Amendment of the United States and Florida Constitutions. Whether a First Amendment issue arises as a central question in a case or as a secondary matter in the underlying circumstances, we feel strongly that the guaranteed rights to freedom of speech, religion, and the right to assemble peaceably must be protected forcefully.

Other Federal & State Civil Litigation

Our litigation attorney practice at Waugh PLLC is not limited to the foregoing types of cases. We encourage inquiries from individuals, businesses, and attorneys regarding any type of civil matter.

Our litigation practice includes all Florida state and federal courts. We also handle cases in the United States District Courts for the Eastern and Northern Districts of Texas, Colorado, and the Central District of Illinois. Our appellate practice includes the Tenth and Eleventh Circuits of the United States Court of Appeals.

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