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Disputes with the Internal Revenue Service are often complicated and stressful. They can also be inconvenient and time-consuming. Whether a tax controversy involves a large corporation, a small business entity, an individual, a trust, or a nonprofit organization, no two tax controversies are alike. Every case requires an insightful approach, diligent planning, and a deep understanding of the various nuances involved.

At Waugh PLLC, we take pride in knowing that clients look to us to resolve complex and high-stakes tax controversy matters. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we offer tailored strategies and comprehensive solutions for a broad scope of tax-related issues. Providing vigorous advocacy and focused counsel, we work tirelessly to secure a favorable resolution for every client.

Sophisticated Representation for a Wide Range of Tax Controversy Disputes

Dealing with the IRS or a state tax authority is no easy feat. There are numerous rules, regulations, and procedures involved in resolving tax controversies that require substantive knowledge and careful analysis. We represent clients for issues that can arise at every stage of the tax controversy process — from the initial audit, to negotiation with the IRS, and litigation in the appropriate tribunal.

Waugh PLLC's wide array of legal services for tax controversy matters include the following:

  • Representing clients during IRS audits
  • Advising clients regarding ongoing examination
  • Analyzing tax transcripts
  • Appealing collections actions
  • Handling delinquency issues
  • Negotiating offers in compromise and installment agreements
  • Assessing employment-related tax issues
  • Obtaining relief from liens or levies
  • Litigation in U.S. Tax Court and federal court

Our adept attorneys have vast experience handling tax issues regarding income, estate and gift taxes, employment and payroll taxes, excise taxes, and matters concerning tax-exempt entities. We actively represent clients in connection with regular IRS examinations and advocate for taxpayers in administrative appeals before the IRS. With a focus on achieving an efficient and effective outcome in every case, we first attempt to resolve tax disputes outside of court.

However, if litigation is necessary to serve a client's best interests, they can be confident knowing that the attorneys at Waugh PLLC will zealously defend their rights. We regularly represent clients for all phases of litigation in U.S. Tax Court, U.S. District Court, and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and know what it takes to achieve positive results.

Tailored Strategies and Effective Solutions for Tax Disputes

Tax issues may arise in many ways and for various reasons. Significantly, the IRS has wide-reaching statutory authority to make assessments, lien or levy assets belonging to an individual or entity, and invoke penalties. Evaluating risks, understanding your reporting obligations, and cooperating with the IRS are the most effective ways to avoid tax disputes before they occur.

In most cases, tax issues stem from an IRS audit of an individual or entity's tax return. An audit can lead to a disagreement between the taxpayer and the IRS regarding one or several items reported. A taxpayer may also dispute the depth of the audit or the scope of information requested by the IRS — such as in matters when information is sought from a third party.

Tax controversies can also surface in connection with tax refund issues or various administrative decisions made by the IRS. For example, a taxpayer might wish to challenge the IRS's decision concerning an entity's tax-exempt status or its determination regarding a worker's employment status. Additionally, those who pay taxes in other countries might want to avoid double taxation and seek relief under a tax treaty to which the U.S. is a party.

Critically, the resolution of a tax controversy often depends upon the actions that were taken at the time the transaction or item was planned. At Waugh PLLC, we focus on providing our clients with the guidance they need to make informed decisions before tax controversies can arise. Applying our acumen and depth of knowledge, we advise our clients regarding best practices and help them ensure that they take proactive measures to avoid potential exposure and IRS disputes from the outset.

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If you or your company is facing a tax controversy, dispute, or IRS examination, it's essential to have skilled counsel by your side to ensure your legal and financial interests are adequately safeguarded. Waugh PLLC works with clients at all stages of the tax controversy process to develop strategic responses and implement viable solutions. With a commitment to providing superior and cost-effective legal services, our modern framework and traditional approach to legal practice set us apart. We invite you to contact us for a consultation to learn how we can assist you.